Littering is a habit and prevention starts with you.


If you litter, you need to take responsibility and change your habit. Recognize if you do or do not litter, you can influence those around you.  Your circle of influence will grow – from your friends, family, to your school and the community.  Start with these simple steps:

  • Choose not to litter.
  • Become familiar with the litter laws in Tennessee and the consequences of littering.
  • If you see your friends and family litter, educate them on the laws and adverse effects of litter.
  • Get a litter bag for your car.
  • Volunteer at litter cleanups, litter free events or litter education.
  • If you’re a smoker, carry a pocket ashtray.
  • If you see litter, pick it up.  Need a litter kit?  Order a Paint the State Green litter cleanup kit now.
  • If you see someone litter from a car, report it.
  • If you own a pet, put the waste in trash receptacles.
  • Ensure garbage bags are tied along the curbside for pickup.