Sevier County generates 119,350 tons of garbage per year. 

What’s YOUR impact?


Keep Sevier Beautiful believes that every person in our County can impact the amount of waste through two ways – in the selection of the products you choose to buy and how you choose to dispose of it once you’re finished.

We have a state of the art composting facility in our County where 60% of our municipal solid waste is turned into compost.  However, our plastics and metals thrown into the waste stream are not compostable and are landfilled.  Both of these commodities are recyclable and should be separated out of our waste stream.

Recycling not only conserves our natural resources, reduces the need for landfills and saves energy, but it also reduces pollution.  Learn more about where to recycle your materials in Sevier County.

Our Recycling & Waste Reduction Programs:

  • Recycling Always Wins Campaign

    • Keep Sevier Beautiful provides recycling receptacles for the five Sevier County High Schools to use for their home football games and encourages them to participate in the Recycling Always Wins campaign which promotes the importance of recycling throughout their community.

  • Halloween Costume Swap

    • KSB offers an alternative option for Halloween costume shopping by providing Sevier County with a costume swapping program and an event dedicated to providing families with low cost new-to-you costumes.

  • America Recycles Day

    • A Keep America Beautiful Initiative that encourages communities to pledge to recycle and host a recycling based event.

  • Extreme Household Cleanup Event

  • RecycleMania

    • An annual competition between colleges and universities across the country to determine which institution produces the least amount of non recyclable waste compared to their population. Walter State Community College has placed in the top ten institutions throughout the entire country with the help from Keep Sevier Beautiful.

  • The KSB Recycling Trailer

    • Keep Sevier Beautiful offers a free of charge recycling trailer full of recycling supplies to rent for public or private events for the community's use. To apply to rent the recycling trailer, click the button below.